Fishing Trip

07/02/09 18:53

Last weekend we went on a fishing trip off the eastern coast cost of UAE. Here you can see some of the pictures taken by me that day. It was a really great day, and I hope we can do it again sometime.

Our skipper is taking a little break

One of the birds we saw that day

And some more. They were eating the fish that got chased to the surface by the fish hunting from below.

Here is one where the turmoil from the fish seeking to the surface can be seen.

We were escorted by the US navy for some of the trip.

We tried to catch tuna all day, here Per is trying. I always wondered how you were going to handle a tuna on a roll of line. Unfortunately we never caught any, so I never found out.

What we did catch was something called dorado I believe. Here is a picture of one in the water, before it is dragged on board.

Here is the one I caught, just as skipper has got a hold of it.

Farsid with his catch.

Ramesh with his catch.

Jad with his catch.

The whole gang with their respective catches.

Here Ramesh and Jad seem to be in command (scary).

As we head to the last place where we are going to fish, the sun sets over the Emirates.

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